Sunday, June 29, 2008

How elites think, part 2

Yet more grist for the mill:

But here's a throwaway line in the article that caught my eye:

And although they never saw eye-to-eye on the war that killed some 58,000 Americans and up to 3 million Vietnamese, ... [McCain] never admitted that the war was a mistake.
This ain't Chomsky or Jon (or me) talking, ladies and gentlemen, this is MSNBC, a partnership of GE and Microsoft, with links to the Times, Newsweek, and the WaPo. We have it on official MSM record: John McCain finds nothing wrong with a war he fought against a nation that never hurt the US
Bernard Chazelle goes on to point a basic truth: rather than hiding out in Paraguay (where Holocaust perps often ended up), US war criminals get to run for president. All that said, if McCain (or Bush, or whomever) were to try escaping to some armed compound in Paraguay, he may face extradition now that Paraguay's government has changed its position about harboring war criminals.

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