Monday, June 9, 2008

Late Monday Night Cactus Blogging

I'll share several tonight. Sunday's flower was still looking good, and there was a brand new blossom. I'm pretty satisfied with the camera settings now. This afternoon I decided to play around with some different angles. Without further ado, the first photo tonight is of the flower that bloomed yesterday. It's faded a bit, but that seems to be typical with plains pricklypear flowers if they last more than one day.

Our second photo captures the brand new flower that just bloomed this morning.

From the same basic angle, here again is the older of the flowers.

From another angle, here's the new blossom.

Finally, from the same basic angle, here's the older blossom.

That's it for Monday's installment. I'll be out of town most of the day Tuesday, so if I get some time in the morning to take a few more photos, I'll post what I can later. That presupposes, of course, that either flower has survived to that point, and/or that one of the remaining buds produces a flower at that time. There was a hint of resignation in Madame's voice this afternoon as I went out to take the requisite photos. Of course she issued the usual protest, but alas, she knew I would continue on my quest undaunted. There was the usual discussion of the aesthetics of flower photography, along with the debate over what constituted a photo-worthy flower. Although I found her case for roses to be quite convincing, I was ultimately unpersuaded - in large part because as of the moment we have no rose bushes. I also made sure to retort with a few words about how cacti have thorns, much as rose bushes, and we also had a rather tedious (for the kids) discussion of the finer points of flower colors. All of this concluded with Madame's insistence that the flowers I was recording for posterity simply were just not the same as roses. True enough, is in the eye of the beholder, and one can counter by noting that my subjects of choice were merely different but not inherently inferior (or superior) to Madame's preferred subject. She was not to be persuaded. An impasse was reached, and the photos were subsequently uploaded to the family computer hard drive.

I realize there will be some sort of Karmic payback before too long - especially if her screen saver becomes flooded with cacti, which admittedly will be all my fault - and for which I take full responsibility. I'm guessing the long drive to California next month will be made longer by a double dose of country music along the way, or some equally egregious torture. That is a story for another time.

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