Monday, June 2, 2008

My take:

There's no "there" there. This is one of those occasions where I'll actually agree with Booman. Here's what Booman says that I suspect is what Larry's "bombshell" amounts to:
From what I understand, it is a tape of Michelle Obama criticizing the Bush administration.

How you'd write it:
Why did Bush cut folks off medicaid?
Why did Bush let New Orleans drown?
Why did Bush do nothing about Jena?
Why did Bush put us in Iraq for no reason?
How you'd say it:
Why'd he cut folks off medicaid?
Why'd he let New Orleans drown?
Why'd he do nothing about Jena?
Why'd he put us in Iraq for no reason?
How Larry Johnson wants you to hear it:
Whitie cut folks off medicaid?
Whitie let New Orleans drown?
Whitie do nothing about Jena?
Whitie put us in Iraq for no reason?
Going from "why'd he" to "whitey" is too much of a leap of faith for my comfort. Unfortunately, there are plenty of folks who simply cannot stomach the potential of a black man getting the keys to the White House, and I'm guessing that's what's going on with Johnson and the rest of the No Quarter regulars. The bias has, shall we say, colored Johnson's perception.

The usual disclaimer applies here: I'm boycotting this year's election, for reasons I've explained elsewhere. I would suggest that if one lives in a state that will actually allow a Green on the ballot, Cynthia McKinney would be the way to go - and all that assumes that one's vote would be counted, or that one is willing to believe that the system isn't irreparably broken.

Also, beware of bloggers who advertise their sites as spin-free.

One more update, and as far as I'm concerned, the last word: When even the National Review thinks the whole thing's a hoax (and those folks would be itching for something that juicy to make its way onto the cable news networks 24/7), it's past time to say "enough is enough." When making a claim as politically and as racially charged as Larry Johnson was making, the onus was on him to put up or shut up. He has failed miserably to produce the alleged videotape in question, and the repeated claims that tertiary sources have allegedly seen it just doesn't cut it any more than Linus continuing to whinge that the Great Pumpkin really exists. Johnson might as well put it to rest. His particular imperialist candidate is probably not going to get the Dem nomination. Boo-hoo. Personally, Johnson & Susan Hu's schtick got pretty tiresome back when they were still primarily calling Booman Tribune home. It's pretty obvious that their current blogging endeavor is nothing but a one-trick pony appealing only to the lowest common denominator in US political discourse.

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