Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pass the popcorn

The Larry Johnson rumor mill just will not stop. Even if Obama denies the rumor, the rumor-mongers simply cannot accept the answer. Johnson and his kool-aid drinkers simply cannot accept that thus far their pet hypothesis has not been proven, and until Johnson or one of his tertiary "sources" can cough up the alleged "whitey" tape, their claims of its existence are useless. If anything, from reading the comments at Johnson's blog, the tone seems more reminiscent of a lynch mob.

I would strongly suggest that these folks bone up on the various Obama urban legends that have been debunked before embarrassing themselves further. I'm with the skeptics.

Update: When even the über-neoconservative National Review is calling bullshit, it's time to pull the plug. Someone I consider considerably more reasonable, John Cole, is calling this little more than an urban legend.

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