Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plan Mexico is not a done deal,

but it is dangerously close to becoming one. There are a couple worthwhile articles that lay down the situation that you should check out. Maya Schenwar looks at some of the likely effects of Plan Mexico - expect more corruption, more oppression, more violence. Kristen Bricker (whose blog My Word is My Weapon should be a regular read) looks at the obstacles ahead in terms of making Plan Mexico a reality, and notes that there is still time to stop it. Of course, Mexican lawmakers are not happy with whatever minimal human rights provisions would be included in the bill. There's plenty of opposition in Latino America and in small communities in Mexico to what is essentially an update of Plan Colombia.

As neoliberalism continues to take its toll on workers and campesinos in Mexico (NAFTA has been described by the Zapatistas and their allies as genocidal), more and more oppressive measures will be employed by rulers on the North American continent in order to shield themselves from increasingly hungry and angry citizens.

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