Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sheehan's run against Pelosi gets the Green seal of approval

This is good news indeed, as Nancy Pelosi has proven to be a miserable failure as a House Speaker. That was no surprise of course, but still.

From the article:
"We are glad she is taking on Speaker Pelosi, who has been a huge disappointment even to her Democratic Party base," said Erika McDonald, spokesperson for the SFGP.

"We admire Sheehan's bravery in standing up to the corrupt two-party system. She has suffered immeasurable loss because of the unwillingness of our government to stand up for justice," added McDonald.

The goals of the Green Party and Sheehan are similar – protect U.S. troops in Iraq by ending the war now, a position rejected by Pelosi and other Democrats in Congress who say they are opposed to the war, but continue to fund billions for it.

Greens, like Sheehan, have endorsed the impeachment of Pres. George Bush, vice-president Dick Cheney and other Bush Administration officials. Sheehan also comes from working class roots, which compares favorably to the Green Party's strong social justice platform.
Let's face it: Nancy Pelosi - along with the vast majority of her party's leadership - has been on the wrong side of history. She became installed as House Speaker in the aftermath of a midterm election in which her party ran at least in part on ending the Iraq War. War funding has continued unabated during her tenure, with no substantial opposition to speak of. Her hostility towards antiwar activists and antiwar groups is well-known by this time. There's good reason to believe that Pelosi has never been an anti-war politician (no matter how much movement conservatives or for that matter establishment "progressives" might claim the contrary), having been a staunch supporter of the Clinton regime's "humanitarian" military interventions in the Balkans as well as the various US bombing raids against the Iraqis in 1993, 1996, and 1998.

Pelosi was on board with the sham economic "stimulus" package that in fact did absolutely nothing. Of course her refusal to oppose the awful FISA bill recently, which gave the Crawford Caligula and his cronies everything they wanted, was merely the latest in a string of actions which place her on the wrong side of history.

Pelosi's refusal to impeach Bush and Cheney, who have committed plenty of impeachable offenses during the tenure of their sorry regime, is arguably her most unforgivable action (or perhaps more appropriately, inaction). Sheehan has done more to get the issue of impeachment into the public eye than Pelosi. She's run on a genuine antiwar platform - y'all remember the war right? Or is that now no longer PC to discuss now that the Dems are inheriting the Iraq War and other fronts on the so-called War on Terra?

I'd like to end by reminding y'all of something: Isolated individuals aside, there is no opposition party in Congress. Are we clear yet? To repeat: THERE IS NO OPPOSITION PARTY IN CONGRESS. None. Nada. Zip. Zilcho. To my progressive friends and acquaintances who keep hoping for more and better Democrats, and who seem perpetually disappointed by the ones who were their great white hopes in election cycles past, all that I can really say is that you're being played. I wish it were not so.

Update: I thought I'd provide a little back story for this particular entry, which I cross-posted from Daily Kos at the request of a friend who prefers not to link there. Sheehan was once upon a time a regular contributor to that blog until it became apparent that she was not going to be a loyal Democrat. Her announcement that she'd challenge Pelosi last July created a shitstorm that was legendary. There are some isolated individuals over at the Great Orange Satan whom I continue to respect, but for the most part it's just a mob of Kosswhacks who are in mentality no different from a mob of skinheads. I found the behavior exhibited over there last year to be both reprehensible and unforgivable. Hence the need to remind them periodically of that fact, and that their Dear Leader is an empty suit. I wish Sheehan well - whatever her imperfections, she'd certainly be a significant improvement over Pelosi, and as it turns out, the Bay Area is one of the few locations where Greens manage to do significantly well. Sheehan's message and whatever muscle the Greens have might at least cause Pelosi to sweat this election out a bit.

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