Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Speaking of fuego

Nothing gets that fire burning than reading or hearing about young life snuffed out by wretched work conditions. WOC has the lowdown. Go. Check it out. You'll find that the young woman in question, Maria Isabel Vazquez, sacrificed her life so that you could enjoy cheap wine at Trader Joe's. That does remind me: I know a lot of well-meaning folks frequent places like Trader Joe's because of its reputation for selling natural foods and whatnot. It's foolish to assume that all products sold there (or via similar outlets) is kosher. In this case, steer clear of "Two Buck Chuck" - I'm no wine person (I'll stick to Guinness, thank you), but just the name alone would be a turn-off.

Also, before I forget my manners: good to see you back to blogging, WOC!

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