Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I get mail

Marisacat alerted me that Arcturus was kind enough to address the following poem to me and to Arthur Silber:

from one of La Generacion del 27, for Arthur Silber & anonymous (from yesterday’s post), writing in the 60’s out of his experiences decades earlier:

The Eyes’ deceit

How nobly they throng together
clamoring for justice, those young men
raising high their voices, inciting and
disturbing, so innocent their faces,
proud their steps and bearing,
their eyes seeking a superb,
a shining future, but right now
within their view, on the asphalt
of streets rocked by the calculated
clamor of the adolescent mob,
chorus of throats and arms,
naively faithful and docile
–candorous avalanche–at the bidding of
their elders, superiors in
cruelty and machinations, still
jailers of a prison that encircles
all, without escape to any future:
not even one they long for,
those who, splendid in their youth,
parade at last before the tyrant.

–”El engaño a los ojos,” from Clamor (1957-63), trans by Julian Palley in Affirmation: A Bilingual Anthology 1916-1966 by JJorge Guillén [U of Oklahoma, 1968]

¡Muchas gracias, vato!

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