Saturday, July 19, 2008

Newsweek's Stuart Taylor thinks Bu$hCo should be pardoned

That's right: what passes for "liberal media" here in the good ol' United States of Amerikkka would just as soon let the war criminals off the hook, to grow ever more fat and pasty, living off the largess of their book deals and think tank appointments. The rationale is that somehow the next White House regime will extract the truth from those jackals. There's just one problem: the White House and Congress belong to the same pack of jackals, and aren't going to do squat. If anything, as Brad of Sadly, No! says at Alternet:
The sad thing is: I know Obama will do exactly as Taylor recommends. Except he won't even bother to set up the fucking bogus-assed truth commission. Just sweep this shit under the rug and enjoy his newfound powers to issue warrantless wiretaps and torture orders. Oh, and be sure to give special immunity to people like Nancy Pelosi and Jay Rockfeller, who should also be tossed in the Hague for being complicit in all this bullshit. This isn't about partisanship, peeps -- it's about restricting the ability of our political class to behave in the most reckless and lawless ways imagineable. If we don't want to degenerate into a damn banana republic, we have to demonstrate that we won't let our most powerful politicians get away with breaking the laws they've sworn to uphold. Stuart Taylor, you can bite me.
H/t Madman in the Marketplace, who duly notes that the US is already a banana republic. Brad is too polite in his closing sentence. To Stuart Taylor, I say simply, vete a la chingada (which translates roughly to "go fuck yourself", just in case you were to ask).

For more of the criminality which Taylor is only more than happy to pardon, see Chris Floyd's Torture Triptych: Portrait of the Real America, July 2008.

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