Saturday, July 19, 2008


Bruce Gagnon of the blog Organizing Notes sez:
The change we all long for will not come from the Democratic Party. A new positive and earth shaking train has just left the station. The question remains will people who see themselves as progressive have the wisdom to get on-board and not be left behind sorting through the crumbs left behind by the corporate parties.
That was the end of his summary of Cynthia McKinney's winning the Green Party nomination for President, and the selection of Rosa Clemente as her running mate. Hopefully, this bodes well for the Greens' prospects and broadens its appeal beyond the usual suburban white middle-class base. Hopefully the Greens will refuse to go with a "safe state" strategy that has in the past made the party little more than a handmaiden for the Democrats. The Dems, like their GOP counterparts, need to swept into the dustbin of history.

H/t Tim of Green Left Infoasis.

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