Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Slight change of plans

Madame and I were discussing trip logistics last night, and realized that we'd need to delay just a bit. Just as well, as we were going to have to stay a bit later into the month than planned, and the reality of the costs associated with doing so were more than my wages would permit. I'm not a big fan of driving during the July 4th weekend to begin with, so from my vantage point there are no problems. Also, there is the matter of just how loud our posse can be, especially to those who are accustomed to peace and quiet. The youngest two members of our family are still learning the value of using their "inside voice" when inside a house rather than using their "outside voice." Ten days of that would be a burden that arguably only Madame and I should bear.

Instead, Madame's birthday will be a quiet family affair (yes, that's what July 4th means to me), and then we get to be in town to celebrate the 1st birthday of one of our friends' kids this weekend.

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