Sunday, July 13, 2008

The thing about the left

Although RickB is directing his comments toward an English audience, but they fit within an American context as well:
I’m going to bear in mind that an atomised opposition will be corporatism’s and the fascist’s greatest ally. It’s a long road but the ‘left’ was not an invention out of nowhere, it exists because people feel and think in a way broadly described as left-wing (and those that don’t think are the right, ta-da!) but at the moment those people have been scammed by people presenting as leftists but who were simply shiny salesmen for corporatism, who are now de facto war criminals. It is also important to realise that unconstrained capitalism will kill us all, the planet won’t tolerate it, or us, if we keep this shit up. ‘Growth’ can no longer be the only yardstick to measure humanity, quality of life, equality and justice should describe our existence, be the coordinates and parameters of our lives. So it’s not just a narrow question of UK politics, everything is connected, take a deep breath, step back. The Left failing now is an Extinction Level Event.
Food for thought.

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