Friday, July 4, 2008

Tonight's factoid

Since the boycott of AP began a few weeks ago, I've been curious as to how that's affected its traffic. One thing I've done is to follow follow Memorandum's Leaderboard, which monitors presence, the "percentage of headline space" occupied by media sources, over a 30 day period. For the period ending at about this time, July 4, 2008, AP's "presence" was at 3.44%. If one were to look at AP's presence as of June 16, 2008, about the time the boycott was getting started, the figure was 4.34%. Just typing in semi-random dates on the leaderboard indicates that AP's presence seemed to be pretty consistently in the 3.80% - 4.30% range for much of this year.

Correlation, of course, does not imply causation. Still it is an interesting trend in the aftermath of AP's heavy-handed treatment of the blog Drudge Retort, and the recent apparent plagiarism of a Narco News article by AP journalists. I don't know how much traffic AP receives from Memeorandum, but a nearly 1% drop in presence probably has some impact, especially if similar drops are being experienced on other high-traffic websites. I'd be curious to find out if anyone has bothered to analyze the relationship between the beginning of the boycott and AP's readership, and if so, what they've found.

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