Saturday, August 2, 2008

As a footnote to the preceding,

The possible Blackwater involvement in a DEA raid of a legit medical marijuana dispensary in Culver City seemed to merit the attention of only one newspaper, and only in the op-eds at that. A clip:
Are members of a disputed mercenary killer group now working with the DEA? A photo from the LA Times shows proof of one of two things; either Blackwater members are now working for the Bush White House's Drug Enforcement Agency, or this semi-illegitimate band of rogue federal cops have worse discipline than any of us ever imagined.
A handful of bloggers have picked up on the story, including, boing boing, and Medical Cannabis: Voices From The Frontlines, Newshoggers, The Agitator, Wub's Ramblings, and Re/Creating Tampa.

Footnote to the footnote (Sunday Afternoon): see also Last Free Voice, Democratic Underground, LibertyForum, Free Democracy, Pandagon, HighBoldtage, and 420 Magazine. Keep spreading the word, far and wide!

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