Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crusader Axe is right

When your government rules by fear after a terrorist incident, the terrorists win:
The news that the NYPD is planning to treat whatever arises on the World Trade Center as a cross between the Green Zone in the capital of our 51st and first predominately Arab State, the Brandenberg Gate beyond Checkpoint Charlie (the primary legal Berlin Wall crossing, children) and the Forbidden City in Beijing under the Manchus just plain old fashioned pisses me off. A few years ago, when I was running a nonprofit in Seattle, we discovered that our maintenance guy was stealing from us. I fired him. He threatened me and everyone went nuts. They wanted restraining orders, a police bodyguard and I don't know, a cordon of nuns surrounding me at all times. I told them to get fucked -- I refuse to live my life in fear.It's a shame that those who want to protect us supposedly and lead us depend on fear and fear alone to accomplish their goals.
Good old Homeland Insecurity strikes again. Of course our rulers envision a world of Red Zones and Green Zones, the latter of which the rest of us who comprise the Great Unwashed Masses will be barred from since we'll be perceived as threats. One of the sad ironies of the national "security" apparatus that these folks wish to build up is that rather than make anyone feel more secure, they'll actually feel more insecure. Paradoxically, those who try to build up the walls and the prisons end up imprisoning themselves. To say that this is a crappy way to live is of course an understatement.

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