Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everything went black

Exactly one month from today, I'll be posting a tribute to some bloggers who seem to have vanished without a trace. The idea, which I will credit to a commenter by the handle darue, came from the comments to Ductape Fatwa's last ever blog essay - Cell Phones Are the New Barbie. In late May, darue said:
been thinking we need an annual holiday to remember all the frequent posters around the tubes who mysteriously go silent.
To which I replied:
That's a darned good idea. I was thinking Sept. 19th - it would at the least mark the last day that Ductape Fatwa posted anything anywhere.
Thus the idea for a blogswarm of sorts was born. Anyone wishing to join in is free to do so. Just drop a line around Sept. 19th, and let me know what you've got - with linkage provided (or as Ductape Fatwa would say, nerdified link), of course. Although electronic media can on one level seem rather impersonal, on another level there is an interaction between living, breathing human beings whose words impact one another - often in ways that are quite profound. It's that much more personal level that I wish to memorialize.

September 19th is only a month away.

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