Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A musical interlude

This is pretty cool. The clip is from something called 88 Boadrum. As ludditerobot (proprietor of Emo as Fuck) sez:
The Boredoms-led coalition responsible for last year’s 77 drummers performance (on 7/7/07) took the reasonable step of assembling 88 drummers for 8/8/08, in both NYC and L.A. List of NYC drummers here, and an NYC clip below (via Brooklyn Vegan):

I love drums and percussion, and of course I happen to dig on the stuff the Boredoms have been doing (a friend of mine used to call it space rock - fitting enough as their music draws a bit from 1970s Krautrock). Vision Creation Newsun is still my personal fave from that crew.

Enjoy the music! This one is truly something to be savored.

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