Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh yeah - let's risk involvement in another quagmire

Junior Caligula is committing troops to Georgia (the nation next door to Russia, and not the state next to Florida), either the stupidest move on the planet or a dreamed-of opportunity for our political class's warmongers or a combination of both. If nothing else, the occasion also offers the excuse for a bit more good old-fashioned American hypocrisy:
Oh, by the way: Butt-Thumper [i.e., George W. Bush] took the opportunity of the Georgian mission announcement to condemn the Kremlin once again for invading a sovereign nation and occupying it with military forces. And once again -- inexplicably -- the earth didn't immediately crack open and swallow him up out of sheer embarrassment that such a blood-soaked, mass-murdering hypocrite is allowed to walk around in comfort and safety and privilege and power.
Don't forget: Obama is once more showing his "progressive" side by being about as warmongerish as the rest of 'em in DC.

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