Sunday, August 31, 2008

One of your best resources for the latest Gustav news

Dr. Jeff Masters' blog has been a consistently invaluable resource for news and analysis during the hurricane season. The latest news is that Gustav has weakened after slamming into Cuba, and is expected to make landfall probably near where Katrina did three years ago. If Gustav veers a bit west of Katrina's path, New Orleans' levees may still be dealing with a Category Three storm surge, and it's questionable if those levees will hold up. Obviously I'm keeping the fingers crossed; another catastrophe like Katrina is the last thing anyone should want.

Scott Crow of the Common Ground Collective sez (h/t Arcturus):

Why would I care you may ask?

Good question. A couple of reasons, remember Katrina and the levee failure in NOLA? Besides the travesty of indifference and arrogance from the government and the Red Cross that we remember, there were many other places along the Gulf Coast that suffered in silence. Now on the third anniversary many of these communities are under direct threat from the storm as well as indirect threat of being ignored and forgotten again.

Vigilance and deeds

We of Common Ground Relief are asking that you all remain aware. Aware that the potential for history to repeat in response to disaster or really to anything. Also not forget during this time of remembrances. New Orleans has still not been rebuilt, and the progress is slow. The levees are only 20% completed and millions of dollars over budget. The coastal areas which include First Nation and other small towns and Vietnamese and Cajun fishing villages; these people are still in disrepair and vulnerable due to major wetlands loss of human cause.

We at Common Ground are making preparations to again be first responders through out most any region in the Gulf. We will need people, material aid and ways to keep the story visible. We have some supplies and coordination to mobilize quickly and efficiently but we also need you. We are monitoring the situation, preparing ourselves and others to be ready to act should it be necessary.

Stay alert and prepared to support those in the Gulf Coast if necessary. It is we--in civil society--and those affected directly who will face the real needs head on. Governments and large bureaucratic agencies will raise money, will do little and often will not do it well.

There are many small grassroots groups throughout the region that will need support. Find them, and do what you can from your home with what you have access to.

Don’t let corporate media and complacency forget. Don’t let the pageantry and fireworks of systemic corrupted Power distract us from immediate needs. All empires fall and theirs despite pomp and circumstance will be no different. On this third anniversary of remembrances tell and retell the stories to move us all into actions again.

Not too surprisingly the fish heads, Jesus Freaks, and fascists are already crawling out of the sewer:

Posted by Millionaire2 on 08/30/08 at 10:38PM

I make these comments with the most sincere intentions: There was a Decadence Festival about to take place in New Orleans in 2005… then came Hurricane Katrina. There is another Decadence Festival approaching, and here comes Hurrican Gustav. I am a firm believer in the wrath of “GOD”. God is tired of all the sin and corruption that takes place in New Orleans, and he is sending his “WRATH” and “ANGER” upon New Orleans because of it. Remember Sodom and Gomorah in the Bible: God destroyed an entire city because of Homosexuality. Until we turn away from this, it will only get worse until there is no city to visit anymore. You can agree or disagree, but I believe that the Political Corruption, killings, stealing and sin has caused GOD to pass his judgment on New Orleans. We must PRAY and turn our attention back towards Him and ask for forgiveness.

I wonder how long it'll take rumors of cannibalism to surface, as they did during the Katrina catastrophe?

Oh, and of course it looks like everyone's favorite mercenaries will get in on the act - no doubt shooting first and asking questions later. All hail neoliberalism.

Another good resource:

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