Saturday, August 16, 2008


Clarence Page sez:
People who want to believe Obama is Muslim or some other deception are hardly going to let something so inconsequential as truth get in the way.
Page gets a bit sanguine about the Obama campaign, but beyond that offers some useful commentary - in particular that quote above. There is a fairly sizable segment of the population that is not only stupid or ignorant (whichever term you prefer), but seems to enjoy wallowing in their stupidity or ignorance. I've considered the cottage industry of urban legends about Obama (and previously Kerry, Gore, and the Clintons) to fall squarely in that category. By the way, as an aside, for fairness and balance, some urban legends are being spread about McCain as well (a couple of which have been falsified). The now legendary "whitey tape" that had the goons on Larry Johnson's blog No Quarter comes readily to mind (along with the rest of the rumor mongering that probably still goes on over there). Jerome Corsi's recent hatchet job is merely the latest.

What has consistently struck me has been the way that the "true believers" continue to go on spreading whatever rumor they're peddling even after confronted with data falsifying their claims. If it's a face-to-face encounter, I've actually seen the smirks on their faces, almost like those of three-year-old who's just done something wrong but proceeds to do it any way. The point of efforts to counter the urban legends that spread is not so much to change the minds of their true believers - those folks are likely completely lost to reason - but rather to provide some food for thought to others who are otherwise thoughtful but uninformed about a particular person or issue. is often a good starting point when in doubt.

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