Monday, August 4, 2008

Some bloggers seem to be on the story, at least

Consider this another footnote to a couple previous posts. Aside from Ten Percent, as of yesterday, I had listed the following outlets who had covered the apparent use of Blackwater mercenaries on a DEA bust at what was a legit medical marijuana dispensary:, boing boing, and Medical Cannabis: Voices From The Frontlines, Newshoggers, The Agitator, Wub's Ramblings, Re/Creating Tampa, Last Free Voice, Democratic Underground, LibertyForum, Free Democracy, Pandagon, HighBoldtage, and 420 Magazine.

Here are a few more:

D'Alliance, 0DayNews, Ron Paul War Room, vinniefm, AfterDowningStreet, Smoke and Mirrors, Delaware Libertarian, THC - Cannabis - Ministry, qwstnevrythg, Bats Left Throws Right, Alternet, and Care2NewsNetwork.

Those who've taken an interest in the story are a blend of libertarians, leftists, drug legalization advocates of all stripes, and so on. I'd like to see more bloggers take this on and demand some answers about the use of mercenaries on US soil in the name of the eternal war on drugs. If you've been blogging this particular topic, let me know in the comments or via trackback.

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