Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An action alert for those who can be there

The good folks at VoteNoBailout.org announced a protest for Thursday, Oct. 2. Here's the skinny:
Protest at the U.S. Capitol Building on Thursday!
Not Another Rip-off! Put People's Needs Over Wall Street Greed!

Yesterday we won. Every news report describes Congressional offices flooded with emails and phone calls opposing the bailout. But Bush has made it clear that he wants to ram legislation through Congress when it reconvenes Thursday at 12 Noon. We have to be there to tell them that we will not hand over $700 billion to the richest bankers. There should be a moratorium on all foreclosures and evictions. That's the way to solve the housing crisis. Already, two million families have either been driven from their homes or are on the verge of foreclosure. Politicians didn't hold emergency sessions to solve their crisis. Half a million workers filed first-time unemployment last week. Congress didn't hold an emergency session for them. 47 million people can't go to the doctor when they're sick. The President and Congress have taken no special action for them.

Demonstration at
the U.S. Capitol Building

Thursday, October 2, 10am
Independence and New Jersey Ave. SE
South Side of the Capitol
Washington, D.C.

We stopped Bush and the bankers yesterday. We need to take action to stop them again when Congress comes back into session on Thursday. If passed, the bailout would have constituted one of the biggest transfers of wealth in U.S. history from working families to the richest bankers. Your support is urgently needed to organize activities and distribute literature to make sure the people's victory not be overturned.

"Hundreds of thousands of people have sent letters and called their Congressional representatives demanding that they vote No to the bailout legislation," said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, a civil rights attorney in Washington, D.C and a spokesperson for VoteNoBailout.org. "This was a David and Goliath battle pitting average working families against the richest bankers in the country. The only reason that we prevailed today in the House of Representatives was the avalanche of political opposition at the grassroots. People perceived this legislation to be a giant rip-off of the tax-dollars of working families, and rewarding the bankers who have driven the economy into the ground," she continued.

The VoteNoBailout.org website has attracted extensive support throughout the country. Over 170,000 letters were sent through the website to Congress within the last week.
You know the drill: keep the pressure on. It may be financially impossible for someone like me to travel halfway across the country to join in physically, but I'm there in spirit, and yes taking some time here and there to contact the offices of my Senators, for all the good that might do. Sen. Tom Coburn has already issued his statement in favor of the swindle - for a guy who seems to oppose pork barrel legislation, he sure seems to have developed a love of it when it comes to saving Wall Street's hide. Hell, this swindle makes "The Bridge to Nowhere" look like a stolen dime store trinket. Sen. Jim Inhofe seems a bit more skeptical at least as of last week, but where will he stand when the truth hits the fan? I wonder.

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