Monday, September 1, 2008

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WOC PhD puts the choice of Palin as McCain's running mate in its proper context. Really, the whole essay should be read, but I'll give you a few highlights to whet your appetite:
Palin has two years of service at the state level as Governor, as well as two terms in city council and mayor’s office in small rural towns in Alaska. she has no national service whatsoever.

She is

* a supporter of teaching creationism in the schools
* anti-choice
* anti-gay marriage
* pro-corporate
* pro-war
* pro-drilling
* a “lifetime member of the NRA”
* a previous supporter of Buchanan for president
* has no foreign policy experience
* a person who does not believe in human contribution to global warming


For those who do not teach in conservative parts of the country, creationism is probably something you can shrug off. What I would like to remind you is that Palin does not just believe in Creationism she supports it being taught in schools and in regions of the nation like where I am that would help solidify embattled district that are currently trying to replace accepted science with creationist texts. As a Catholic, I do believe God created the world, as an educator I do not believe that my world view needs to be taught, nor trump or erase other intellectual models, in school.


In her acceptance speech, Palin spent a considerable amount of time praising her children and talking about her differently-abled newborn whom “she would never have aborted,” implying that pro-choice is about genetic engineering. (Sadly, in some camps, particularly with regards to the differently-abled, poor, and woc, it is. However, in the mainstream, it is not.) Besides that implication, it should be noted that Palin also does not believe in abortion for rape survivors or in case of life threatening complications. Her extensive focus on her children in the speech was thus more than a mother’s pride; it was a political statement about the definition of family and the “sanctity of the unborn.” She has made it very clear that she intends to support the nomination of Supreme Court Justices who agree.

Palin’s conservative construction of “wife,” “mother,” and reproduction are not only regressive, with Supreme Court nominations at stake and recent court cases challenging the existence of Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies, the teaching of multiculturalism at the grade school and high school levels, the challenges to title IX, protection of women, poc, and GLBTQ people in the work place that have been decidedly pro-corporate in the lower courts of late, and affirmative action in education and in the workplace (for which white women have been documented as the largest beneficiaries) will all be impacted under a McCain-Palin ticket.
There's also plenty of commentary on the regressiveness of Hillary Clinton and her followers (those wonderful self-described PUMAs) whose "feminism" seems to extend no further than support for figureheads representing white privilege, corporatism, and war.

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