Sunday, September 14, 2008

I guess I wasn't the only one with Sitemeter issues

Here's Vodkapundit, who is one among quite a large number of bloggers who took umbrage with its makeover. It was indeed a clusterfuck, and the Sitemeter mea culpas have already been issued. I noticed many of the same problems that Vodkapundit and others observed. The interface was not at all intuitive. There may well have been some useful data to peruse, but it seemed to be buried beneath all the bells and whistles. Just getting basic info on daily, week, and monthly traffic was a chore early this afternoon (after messing with that, I was actually eager to compose an exam for one of tomorrow's classes), whereas previously it could be found almost immediately. It had the feel of something where the developers focused on their own wonky interests and fantasies rather than on the probable needs of us mere mortals. Fortunately, their tech folks realized the mistake and seem to be in the process of correcting it.

Update: Lo and behold, the good old fashioned Sitemeter interface is back.

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