Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just a hint at what's alienatin' me

Dennis Perrin sez:
What's really amusing is how McKay advises Obama/Biden to turn against the very corporate system they represent and serve. It's like expecting a rising Mafia don to denounce the blood oath, or a tiger shark to settle for salads. Funnier still, McKay presumes that his fellow Dems are somehow wired for anti-corporate activism and agitation. That they not only support a corporate party, but actually give it money, either doesn't concern him or flies right over his head. Hell, these are people who not long ago were defending CIA "patriots." You expect them to suddenly become Nader's Raiders? They had their chance to flex such muscles back in 2000. They preferred (and retroactively defend) the corporate Gore/Lieberman ticket. It's a little late in the day to turn that frigate around. Not happening.
Oh, and this bit as well:
As for McKay's concern about Iraqi dead (no mention of Afghans blasted by US missiles -- a little preview of what to expect should Obama win), he can thank his friends in the Democratic Party for assisting in those war crimes. The global Terror Wars are a bipartisan project. If you're going to assail the Repubs, honesty dictates that you hit the Dems as well, assuming that you're at all serious.
Really, Obama/Biden's only real selling point is that once the Dems are in control of both Congressional chambers (now with More and Better Democrats™ according to the adverts) and the White House, there is nowhere for the so-called "left" blogosphere and punditry to hide - assuming of course as I do that the War on Terra will go on largely unchanged, as well as the continued worship of the almighty neoliberal dogma which has caused and will continue to cause plenty of carnage and misery on its own throughout the globe. Yeah, I know, I'm jaded. But serially, the only hope I have is that of introducing a bit more cognitive dissonance to the denizens of the Gated Community Blogs - the dissonance experienced by the dismal, but totally unsurprising performance of the current Congress simply has not been enough, as there is sufficient wiggle room among our partisan progressive denizens endeavoring to maintain the illusion that somehow a party populated by corporatists will somehow do their bidding. Closing that particular space is change I can believe in.

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