Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin: Just a distraction?

Nothing would surprise me any more. Cernig sez:

There's a continuing lack of diplomacy in Georgia. Biden's saying Iran is a threat to Israel that the US must defend against. Anbar's being handed over to the Iraqis so that the Green Zone "powers that be" can (when it suits them) pursue a fixed election against the "powers that aren't" and the Awakening is about to go nutzo. The Taliban are winning in Afghanistan and Pakistan is falling apart at the seams. Nuke-armed India is losing patience with its nuke-armed neighbour's sponsoring of terrorism. There's flood water and Blackwater in Nola again, Hana is a hurricane. The North Pole is circumnavigable but the GOP's global warming denialists have left America with an 8-year lag on other nation's attempts to make hay while the ice melts. The police in Minn. are conducting raids for thought crimes and tens of thousands are marching against runaway crime in Mexico. The economy, at least as far as real people with less than ten houses experience it, is in the tank. The Republican convention was going to be a massive flop, with big names staying away in droves, McCain revealing himself as a craps-shooter unfit to lead and the religious right walking away from McCain - and few are even noticing how the GOP was saved from embarassment by Gustav.

And all anyone is talking about is Sarah Palin. Check memeorandum. She's sucked all the air out of the news cycle and that's all she was meant to do. Is anyone talking about how successful the Democratic convention was or how good Obama's speech was? This friend of corrupt politicos attended a church where they speak in tongues - she's Huckabee in a dress and without the track record. It's the biggest example of smoke and mirrors in US political history. And we've all gone for it.

Picture (which I assume is something someone photoshopped - please tell me that one is photoshopped - Arthur Silber, you're right; it adds nothing) courtesy of Jim Kunstler (see the latest Daily Grunt), who also seems to view the whole sorry spectacle as farce. There's something tragicomical about empires in decline, so I suppose one will look for the comedy where it can be found. Nothing changes the the reality that one one side, we have potentially (semi)competent stewards of empire who will no doubt steer the ship of state on a more Bush I/Clinton trajectory (plenty of genocide, but with lower deficits). Then we have the other side which is offering up a repeat of the last eight years. In other words, expect the Rapture-ready crowd to be gleefully expecting Armageddon any day under a leadership that can best be characterized as a combination of incompetence and incontinence. I wouldn't be too surprised if after Palin has sufficiently distracted the public and punditry as a pin-up girl for good old-fashioned know-nothing wingnuttery, she'll exit the scene on some trumped up pretense. Until then, I guess the call is for more popcorn.

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