Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The swindlers are so close to their goal that they can taste it

I ended up seeing Bush's televised appearance this evening. Needless to say, that's about 10-15 minutes I'll never get back. The first thoughts that came to my mind while listening to Bush's words was of some kid back in the 9th grade who was running a craps game scam before school started. He'd play on the typical base emotions characterizing your average adolescent male: greed and fear. If the lure of a quick buck didn't work, this young "entrepreneur" would try to make his potential victims fearful of losing face (there's a certain amount of that fear anyway among young men brought up in cultures of honor). One morning, I was one of the kid's marks - I didn't have a good gut feeling to begin with, and right as that kid started working his magic - alternating quick cash with trash talk, a girl who knew me pretty well stepped in and called him out, and told me point blank that I should listen to my gut. I long ago forgot her name, but I remember her face like it was yesterday, and more importantly, I remember her actions, her words. She called a scam by its true name and she let the huckster know in no uncertain terms that he should be ashamed of himself. The 'hood was just rough enough to where what she did probably carried some risks, but she acted nonetheless. It's partially to honor her memory that I wish to do the same tonight with this blog.

The White House, with plenty of collaboration in Congress, is trying to rip you off. Bush, Paulson, and the rest of the henchmen are running a scam. All they have left to make their scam work is fear, which they're laying on thick. They should be ashamed of themselves. The won't be, of course; but they should be. As my esse Anthony noted in the comments to a previous post, the $700 billion is merely the tip of the iceberg - the total transfer of wealth to the ruling class is more like $1.7 trillion.

This is the same sort of scam that ruling elites used when imposing University of Chicago-style "Shock Therapy" on such nations as Chile in the early 1970s, as well as numerous other nations in the Americas, Russia, and Eastern Europe throughout the 1970s and into the 1990s. What "shock therapy" amounted to was a transfer of wealth to the rich, the hollowing out of whatever government services had once existed, and the mass unemployment and displacement of large portions of each nation's population. Not too surprisingly, the newly impoverished did not take too kindly to such economic regimes imposed by duress, and would take to the streets. Equally unsurprising was the standard governmental response: mass disappearances, torture, genocide. If there's any silver lining to be found, it's that these regimes do tend to eventually get overthrown - though not until the joint's been looted and a lot of corpses litter the ground.

What I'm about to say I say so quite dispassionately: there is a very real possibility that this is now our fate. The pattern seems too familiar. We can view the various pieces of "anti-terrorism" legislation - starting with the Clinton regime, and accelerated under the current Bush regime - as preparation for the "crisis". Once a critical mass feels some very real pain - and I'm not talking about merely not affording that shiny new iPod, but such basics as food and shelter - the legal mechanisms needed to be in place in an attempt to coerce the populace into submission. One can also interpret the recent news that the US is committing an Army brigade to "homeland security" stateside, as preparation as well. For those curious, I'm sure the usual trappings of a republic will remain - I doubt there'll be martial law per se or cancellation of elections. The latter are needed to keep the ruse of "democracy" alive a bit longer. If the swindlers are able to pull this off, a lot of folks are going to be hurting and will be very angry, and I wouldn't be surprised if we start getting word of "disappearances" here in the "land of the free." After all, the Prez has the power to declare such malcontents as "enemy combatants." I would expect that protests will be more brutally dealt with - the scene of the RNC in St. Paul a few weeks ago serves as a harbinger.

All I can say is be shock resistant. That is really our only hope at this point. Don't expect a knight in shining armor to rescue you at the very last minute. There are no saviors: we only have ourselves and each other. Keep calling things by their true names. And bear in mind, ideas are bulletproof. My favorite idea - that the ruling class needs us much more than we need them - is especially bulletproof.

Be well and stay alert.

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