Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This year's 9-11 massacre

The scene: El Porvenir, Pando, in Bolivia. Check the following video, h/t inca kola news. It features raw footage of the massacre that occurred there last Thursday - a massacre that victimized unarmed campesinos (including children).

As others have mentioned elsewhere, there are shades of the US-backed coup exactly 35 years earlier, that resulted in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Chile and its President Allende. Allende became one of the countless thousands of people were executed or "disappeared" during Pinochet's reign of terror that subsequently followed.

The perps behind the current coup attempt are relatively affluent, notoriously right-wing, and hold more than a fleeting reverence for Germany's Nazi regime. That is the so-called "democratic" opposition to Evo Morales' government that the US government has been backing.

There are plenty of good resources for those trying to keep up with the news from Bolivia: Machatera, inca kola news, Abiding in Bolivia, and Ten Percent.

Online petition - Support Bolivian democracy — End US interference in Latin America

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