Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time for another psy-ops campaign

The rulers, panicked by the House vote that scuttled the Swindle, won't go down without a fight. Ahead of the next round of voting - this time in the Senate - we have some corporate media psy-ops to drum up the necessary "consent" for the scam.

Well, this is one citizen who refuses to be panicked. I suppose a good part of it comes down to being economically marginal enough that I really have no stake in the system or have any expectation of ever even pretending to have a stake in the status quo. Nor do I believe the world will end if this century's Robber Barons don't get their blank check. Maybe I'm fatalistic enough to believe that the economic system in its current form is headed for the toilet regardless of whether or not a bunch of us have-nots bankroll a few rich assholes' fortified compounds in Paraguay after the the house of cards comes tumbling down.

I just can't get all that worked up any more. About all I can say is that rather than "bail out" Wall Street, if the Congresslizards wanted to actually do something useful (and not to worry, I hold no delusions of such a phenomenon occurring), I have already drawn upon the wisdom of such folks as Dmitry Orlov to make some suggestions. Basically, it comes down to doing some things that are proactive, such as scaling back the trappings of empire, repairing the infrastructure while that is still feasible, and sowing the seeds of a different lifestyle more in tune with our resources. The different lifestyle is coming, no matter what. Some of us have already been adjusting over the last few years, if not by choice then by necessity.

In the meantime, at least we can celebrate a small victory in the on-going class war for a little while.

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