Sunday, September 28, 2008

We should all be pissed off about The Great American Swindle

I know I am. We all know the news by now I assume: The $700 billion bailout of Wall Street The Great American Swindle is all but a done deal. We now merely await the fat lady to sing her funeral dirge. Yes, Virginia, your Congresslizards are smiling, but don't be so generous: it isn't "almost like they enjoy fucking the voters". Take the word "almost" out and you have the truth. Something else to remember: more and "better" Democrats won't help. Yes, there are plenty of prog bloggers who have plenty of well-thought-out reasons for disliking the swindle, and who seem to think that just one of these days their beloved Dems will come to our rescue. Won't happen. Wall Street bankrolls these clowns, and Wall Street demands yet another pound of taxpayer flesh. Do the math.

As voters, we're merely supposed to show up on election days, and continue to hope and believe. The former is assumed, as we're supposed to have no other alternative but to do the latter. I don't hope and I don't believe. I also don't consider going to the polls to be advisable. Hell, I'd still be in favor of boycotting the election and holding a general strike on this year's election day. I've only been suggesting it all year. I'd be amazed if anyone actually took the idea seriously. So it goes. I'm accustomed to standing alone if need be. Maybe one person standing alone against a corrupt system is all that is left to expect in the supposed land of the free and home of the brave. So it goes.

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