Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why we fight

It simply comes down to the refusal to view the coercive practices of authoritarian regimes as acceptable. The RNC convention sites have been notorious for their brutal police crackdowns (not to worry, the DNC convention sites are not far behind on that front these days). This year in St. Paul is no exception. The following is an image from my man ludditerobot (of the cool blog Emo As Fuck):

Also check out this video of journalist Amy Goodman's arrest, and footage of a subsequent St. Paul MN police news conference:

Eric Garris sez
You may be surprised to learn that charges against her and two of her producers are still pending. Charges against producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar include felony riot charges.

The public information officer of the St. Paul police department can be contacted at: 651-266-5735.
Richard sez:
Al-Qaida is no longer the problem, Americans engaging in civil disobedience are. So are people with video cameras who intend to record the actions of the police. Mass arrests and raids upon residences and convergence centers are required. Please report any suspicious behaviour to the Department of Homeland Security.
The Indymedia LiveWire looks like a good resource for updates from that particular culture war zone.

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