Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I wonder where this came from

Have you noticed that every person suddenly knows everything there is to know about how the economy works? Wow, it’s all so simple. Activists now know all there is about the dollar and oil prices and mortgages. I wonder why they never chimed in before…I started asking people for their stock tips since they are all experts now. We will all get rich quick. Right?
I wonder about the context that provoked that remark. I do know this much: expertise will only take you so far. Heck, we've been exposed to the opinions of plenty of "experts" over the years who've pushed the neoliberal kool-aid, have probably provided more than their share of stock tips, and kept the mythology of Horatio Alger alive. If you get the feeling that I'm not a huge fan of the "experts" who pushed the current wave of speculation bubbles, and who are among the same ones pushing for the "bailout", you would surmise correctly.

Jello Biafra (then of the Dead Kennedys) sez:

Trust Your Mechanic

TV invents a disease / You think you have / So you buy our drugs / And soon you depend on them / Pain is in your mind / Gotcha comin’ back for more / Again and again and again and again / Gonna rip you off / Rip you off / Doctor says you need surgery now / Feelin’ good ‘til the side effects / Fuck up something else / You’re ensnared by the medicine man / Paying up the ass / Again and again / Gonna rip you off / Trust your mechanic to mend your car / Bring it in to his garage / He tightens and loosens a few spare parts / One thing’s fixed, another falls apart / And the rich eat you / A magazine says your face don’t look quite right / Unless you wear our brand new wonder creme tonight / Never look right again / Unless you grease your skin / Again and again and again and again / Gonna rip you off / Told you’re depressed / So of course you see the psychiatrist / Right when you hit your neuroses’ roots / He confuses you / He fucks your head up worse / Gotcha feeling helpless / You’re comin’ back for more / Again and again / Gonna rip you off / Rip you off / Trust your mechanic / To make you well / You’re seeing an awful lot of him now / The quicker he makes your life fall apart / The more money you put in his pockets / Trust your mechanic / To plug your holes / Trust him to make more / Somewhere else / Trust your mechanic / He’ll always come through / And rip you off
Food for thought as the perps continue their efforts to pull off The Great American Swindle.

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