Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RIP Spot

She died near the place where she was born - under our bed, at age five and a half, and seemingly in good health. There was practically no sign that she was sick or even any sign of her slowing down. I am at a loss as to how she died so young. Maybe she was easily stressed out, and it simply got to her. She was a bit on the heavy side. Maybe she swallowed something she shouldn't have. I'm speculating that it was the latter - the daughters got these boas as gifts a few weeks ago, and those things shed their artificial feathers all over the house - and those things have been a nightmare to pick up. I wouldn't be surprised if Spot managed to get one of those stupid things in her system. Suffice it to say, the girls won't be playing dress-up with those particular accessories outside of their rooms. Personally, I'd simply throw them out, but that particular suggestion has already been vetoed.

Spot had quite a fascinating personality. She had the loyalty of a dog, but with much better grooming habits (one of the reasons I prefer cats to dogs). Spot was always by our sides, and guarded our bedroom from all unwanted (from her perspective) feline and canine intruders. She even came when we called her, and would follow other commands that she'd learned during her brief life. Spot had her mother's temperament: aside from her human companions, she seemed to generally dislike all other living beings, and hence like her mom tended to mostly keep to herself in our bedroom. Occasionally she'd venture out to see the rest of the house, and she did usually remain civil to her surviving litter-mate, Mohawk. I always had the sense that she vacillated between loneliness and near-panic that other felines might invade her space. In other words, she was a bit neurotic, as tortoise-shell calicos tend to be (as a friend and neighbor once characterized them). All of our cats have been characters, but Spot was truly in a class by herself.

Right now I'm just at a loss, and don't know whether I'm more saddened or angered by Spot's rather sudden and untimely demise. I miss her tremendously - more than words can describe.

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