Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Said it before and will say it again:

The so-called bailout is an indicator that there is a crisis - but it's a crisis of legitimacy. Here's the Black Agenda Report (h/t Marisacat):
The Democratic and Republican Parties, creatures of capital, are decomposing in full view, as witnessed by the events of this week. Too fragile to weather real political storms, they will not survive the larger, unfolding crisis of capital as twin hegemons. As the crisis deepens, the parties will crack - at a pace dictated by the increasing frequency of convulsions.

When we are confronted with the surreal spectacle of John McCain and Barack Obama attempting to destroy each other even as they rush to deliver nearly a trillion dollars to the same master, while the people scream at both of them to "Stop!" - we know that "change" is coming. But not the kind the Democrats or Republicans anticipate.

Truth is, I haven't trusted the denizens inside the Beltway and Wall Street for a very long time. What little legitimacy they may have had from my vantage point was pissed away as this sorry decade progressed. Why continue to support a status quo that is clearly dysfunctional? Fear? That seems the best anyone I know can come up with - and that's simply not good enough. Don't get me wrong - I'm plenty worried as it is about the future my kids face and how Madame and I will subsist during the so-called golden years. There's just nothing in the so-called "bailout" for us; with it or without it, we'll still be subsisting from paycheck to paycheck, and our kids will be facing a very uncertain adulthood in which college educations require them to be hyper-competitive when it comes to scholarships if they wish to go at all. And we're arguably among the "luckier" of those living marginal existences. We are among the intended victims of the elites' class warfare - it took me a while to re-awaken to that reality (why I lost sight of that in the first place is a long story, and perhaps a tale worth telling some day).

If these Congresslizards are that hellbent on going along with the 21st century Robber Barons' latest heist, those of us who will get nothing, except for the bill, should be mad as hell and should let 'em know just how mad we are. In the meantime, keep educating yourselves as much as possible (Mike Whitney, among others at CounterPunch, Arthur Silber, and Calculated Risk are good resources for those needing a crash course) and if you enjoy cheap entertainment, the Beltway Kabuki Theatre is preparing for the next act.

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