Thursday, November 6, 2008

A footnote to "Holy Crackers"

Since I've spent a bit of time already discussing some of the disturbing talk of an Obama assassination among some of the right-wing crowd (see Holy Crackers), I'd like to follow that up with a few words about the kids. One thing I noticed this evening while talking with my school-aged kids was a bit about what their peers have been saying about Obama's imminent presidency. Let's just say when there are kids at school repeating ad nauseum that "Obama's going to be shot" or "my dad will kill him off before your dad does" and other such nonsense, the kids bring that back home, and than I end up having to discuss their feelings at being exposed to that as well as assure them that, while any president or national leader is going to be a potential assassination target, Obama is probably at no more risk than any other US president, and that I and their mom do not share the apparent values of these kids' parents (and that it is perfectly okay to not go along with the nonsense they're hearing). I have to wonder, what in the hell are these parents thinking? I'm certain that many of the parents involved were ones who were convinced that folks like me were teaching our kids disrespect for authority a couple months back when we were battling the school board over some dress code issues, but who have no problem whatsoever with spewing all sorts of hatred when someone of a different political party or skin color manages to get elected to a public office. Quite an example to be setting, eh? Here's something to think about: would you be proud of your kids if they grew up to be implicated in an assassination plot (like those two skinheads in Tennessee recently)? Would you be proud of them for bombing a government building, murdering workers at family planning clinics, plotting to kill immigrants, or other examples of what David Neiwert correctly calls "domestic terrorism"? Is that the future you would want for them?

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