Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holy Crackers, Pt. 3 (Noose Edition)

This morning I was awakened to the sound of my wife's voice - nothing terribly out of the ordinary, except that she was trying to get me conscious enough to see a video clip of something that had gone down at Baylor University after Obama's victory. When I was a bit more functional, she found video clips online, and showed them to me again. Jarring would be a good description. Here's a news clipping from The Rag Blog, which will get you up to speed (it's the standard AssPress story):
WACO — Baylor University officials said they are investigating an apparent noose hanging from a tree the day Barack Obama was elected the nation's first black president.

Campus authorities also responded to a barbecue pit fire where several Obama campaign signs were believed to have been burned, interim president David E. Garland said.

"These events are deeply disturbing to us and are antithetical to the mission of Baylor University," Garland said in a statement Wednesday. "We categorically denounce and will not tolerate racist acts of any kind on our campus."

On Tuesday afternoon at the world's largest Baptist university, some students notified officials that a rope resembling a noose was in a campus tree, Garland said. Campus police took the rope and are investigating.

"We believe that the incidents on our campus yesterday were irresponsible acts committed by a few individuals," Garland said.

No students had been taken into custody as of Wednesday afternoon, Baylor spokeswoman Lori Fogleman said.
I'm sure some of these folks thought themselves to be "good Christians" - after all Baylor does have a reputation of being a good Christian school - and of course they're located right on the edge of where McCain and Palin received their most vigorous support. To their credit, the Baylor University officials seem to be saying what they needed to say.

At PoliTex, here's another bit of a news roundup:
More video is now available of student clashes Tuesday night at Baylor University, where Obama-Biden signs were burned in a firepit at the Brooks Village dorms and a rope noose was found hanging in a tree.
The university's interim president, David E. Garland, already issued a statement calling the events "deeply disturbing."
KWTX TV has video of students exchanging insults and one Anglo student acknowledging that he told African-American students, "Y'all are in Texas and y'all's vote really didn't matter that much."
The Baylor Lariat already posted video of the campaign sign bonfire. (Double-click the window.)
An Arlington student, Emmanuel Orupabo, described racial slurs and threats.
The event comes on the heels of last week's "Anti-Obama Carnival" at Texas A&M, where eggs were tossed at Obama's photo and a Halloween mask of Obama's face was posted on a stick.
As they say, developing...

Update: on a related note, here are a few other stories I've ran into around blogtopia from elsewhere around the country:

NAACP files complaint over Craven County voter intimidation:
The North Carolina NAACP filed a complaint with the United State Department of Justice yesterday regarding alleged voter intimidation that involved a white man (the letter identifies him as a former Craven County commissioner) placing a casket near an active polling station with two pictures of Senator Obama on it.

Obama Effigy Lynched in Indiana (h/t Black News Junkie). Ah, the joys of the Halloween season. The guy's son took down the effigy once it started drawing crowds. I like what the guy at Electronic Village says:

Villagers, we have another American citizen who thinks it is good politics to show Barack Obama being lynched from a tree in his front yard.

School children, neighbors and others in Clarksville, Indiana can plainly see the Obama effigy hanging by a noose in the front yard of Kirk Deddo. Deddo called it a Halloween decoration, saying it was the most frightening one he could find.

Deddo said the effigy had nothing to do with race, and he put it up because he doesn't like Obama's stance toward the military.

Someone should tell Deddo that he can VOTE to express his opinion. Lynching an image of an American citizen ... whether it is Sarah Palin or Barack Obama ... is wrong. Period. Doesn't anyone remember how horrific it was in America when lynching was a regular form of torture, intimidation and murder in this country?
By the way, when reading about lynched effigies of Palin, my immediate thought was to think of the days of witch burnings - which of course were a regular form of torture, intimidation and murder of primarily women that was most rampant during the Renaissance and of course in Puritan New England in the late 17th century. I'm a bit pressed for time to find the appropriate linkage, but if you check Arthur Silber's blog, Once Upon a Time (look at my blogroll on the left column - you may need to scroll down a bit), one can find some excellent writing on the subject of demonizing strong women.

Finally: Gang angry at Barack Obama win beat me, says Staten Island teen.

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