Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holy Crackers

Just call the title a play on words, that both expresses my dismay as well as provides a description of the type of person who would say what I'll share with you in a moment.

To set the stage briefly: My wife was having a conversation with an acquaintance - not anyone from our exact locale, for any of my local readers who might be speculating - when the acquaintance made a statement along the following lines:
...honestly, I wait for the day when [Obama] is assassinated.
No shittin'. That's what my wife heard (or rather read). She was flabbergasted, but I do have to say that it sounds like a common sort of theme in right-wing extremist circles. I can only wonder what the difference between religious fanatics or political factions of various strips really is. Are the extremists among the Christian crowd really all that different from the folks who join movements like al-Qaida? If you've ever wondered where my disdain for culture warriors comes from, that above is just one example.

Update: by the way, here's a piece in the Guardian (with a video clip of an interview with a neo-Nazi leader, Steven Boswell, who resides in Columbia, MO; note that he comes right out and says that there is talk in his circles that Obama will be assassinated) that should be read.

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