Tuesday, November 18, 2008

May the farce be with you

Joe Lieberman is something like Freddie Krueger: he seems to keep coming back to life for yet another sequel. Blame the scriptwriters for continuing to allowing old Holy Joe to return without consequence, and the netroots crowd for actually believing the scriptwriters when they say that there will be no more sequels (and getting caught up in the hype of the next sequel after having vowed to never get caught up again). Farce is perhaps too polite a word. Heck, let's drop a few lines from IOZ:
Ah ha ha ha. Oh ho ho ho. Liberman's in like Flint. It's a regular love-fest. "We're looking forward," sez Reid. Aieeeeee! sez the Netroots. The Huckleberry Hound rides again.

I mean, if anything strips the veneer of difference from the two-party system better than this shit, I'll eat my hat. Here you have a guy who actively campaigned for the other side, who spent the last six months telling America that Barack Obama was a four-year-old retarded commie nigger Muslim abortionist from the moon, and that proves insufficient reason to strip the guy of his committee chairmanships. What a wonderful farce.
Sadly, no matter how many times that the pwogs get told they mean nothing, they'll keep on supporting the very same folks who persist on dumping on them. By 2010, they'll be convinced they really do matter, and that it will be the most important midterm election in the history of history, ad nauseum. Word to the wise: since we go through this every couple years, one might get the impression that there is a pattern emerging.

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