Sunday, November 23, 2008

No surprises

Glenn Greenwald is mystified by pwog disappointment in Obama's cabinet picks thus far. I'm not: too many of 'em bought into the hype surrounding the personality. Hell, there are some voices out here in the wilderness who tried to warn y'all. What you're seeing unfold during the transition from one regime to the next is a transformation of neoliberalism with a happy face (translation: lots of guns, maybe a bit more butter). The O-Man is a cat who digs Beltway insiders, and those cats live in their own little center-right bubble whereas the rest of the nation's citizenry is on average center-left. You're not going to see much of anything "progressive" much less radical from this bunch unless there is an economic or international catastrophe of epic proportions and the dwellers of the gated communities begin to fear sufficiently for their lives to accept some concessions to keep the great unwashed masses at bay.

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