Monday, November 10, 2008

Not quite

I've read a fair amount of scuttlebutt in recent days, now that the O-man is prez, that the US is a center-right nation politically. I'll have a few words on that in the upcoming days and weeks, but I'll just give y'all the bullet points for now. The short version looks like this:

1. When it comes to the US' ruling political parties, their philosophies and policies, when viewed in a more global context, a good case can be made that indeed the Dems and Repubs are easily center-right (in the GOP case, a goodly number of its political players are arguably far-right). In that context, Obama ran what in much of the rest of the world would get labeled center-right. Oddly enough, until November 5th, Obama was characterized by many conservative pundits as a radical leftist - but that can be chalked up to the extremely quirky perspective adopted by the ruling elites and their various pundits.

2. However, when one looks at opinions of Americans on a variety of issues, from economics to cultural, there is a considerable disconnect between the ruling class and the rest of us. Let's just say that once one gets away from the Ozarks and Appalachians (where a center-right perspective probably is viewed as communist), much of the American populace is center-left. What that disconnect tells us about the state of the nation is certainly a story worth telling. I have my own hunches (hint: the term "failing state" should spring to mind).

To be continued...

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