Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So the fat lady sang

Just a few quick thoughts from an old cynic: the world didn't end (contra the more zealous McCain fanatics warnings), nor has an era of peace on earth and good will to all been ushered (contra the more zealous of the Obamaniacs). Obama is no socialist (as I've noted before) - to those still trying to contend that all I can say is "dare to dream." The PUMAs proved to be only slightly less mythical than the unicorn. Although one will hope that some of the more obnoxious conspiracy theorists (Larry Johnson of No Quarter comes to mind) among the PUMA crowd will recognize they've been vanquished, I somehow doubt that level of insight will ever be achieved. Expect a slightly less noxious neoliberalism - one that might only be shaken if the nation truly slides into an economic depression.

The popular vote will turn out to be pretty close, so for those wanting to use terms like "landslide" or "mandate", I'd say "mandate, my ass." I doubt that Obama or the now-solidly controlled Democratic Congress will take the initiative to actually end any of the damned wars that got started earlier this decade, but rather will do some shifting of troops and perhaps even expand into some other parts of the world. This will not be good news to anyone who is antiwar. Basically what an apparent majority of those voting have asked for is a competent manager of the empire. Don't get too excited about hope or change. I know I won't be. Rather, there is still one hell of a struggle a head of us, and as radical journalist John Ross might say, that struggle continues, and continues, and continues.

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