Saturday, November 15, 2008

Talk about Jutzpah!

You know, it strikes me as fairly straightforward that those who voted in favor of Prop. 8 and/or who donated money to the organizations spearheading its passage are responsible for actively promoting the reimposition of structural violence. I've spent some time on defining and providing examples of structural violence in recent years, and won't go into the minutia, but it can be simply enough defined as harm suffered by a particular group of people who do not have access to the same services and benefits as the rest of society. To the extent that Prop. 8's passage takes away access to services and benefits (including spousal access to health insurance, etc.) that were enjoyed by same-sex couples who had married in California since June, there really should be no surprise that the targets of such structural violence are none too appreciative. What is absolutely stunning (and would be hilarious if one has a sufficiently dark sense of humor), is that those on the side of oppression seem to demand precisely the tolerance from those whom they target that they themselves are unwilling to practice. Sorry, the "poor me" routine falls flat in this case. Under the circumstances, I'd offer that protests and boycotts are quite mild, civil responses.

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