Monday, December 29, 2008

By the numbers

To put the massacre of Gazans in perspective (courtesy of The Angry Arab, and h/t Ten Percent):

Gaza's population is 1,387,276 and .02% of the population is 277 (the number killed through last night).

Israel's population is 7,337,000 and .02% of the population is 1,467.

The US population is 305,505,444 and .02% of the population is 61,011.

The death toll in Gaza, which amounted to .02% of the population in the opening days of Israel's latest massacre, would be equivalent to the US losing over 61,000 of its residents in a couple day's worth of bombings. Obviously, those numbers only continue to rise. Something tells me that there aren't too many of my fellow American citizens who'd simply accept an event of that scale. I would even hazard a guess that talk of retaliation would be commonplace and even considered understandable. Imagine further if somehow the continental US had been turned into an open-air prison, and that anyone with the misfortune to reside within those borders was systematically deprived of the basics for survival, and the suffering of the residents had been on-going in one form or another for decades. I would offer that one needs to keep that all in perspective while attempting to process what's going on in Gaza today.

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