Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gaza: A Personal Account

Boy, I'm nearly at a loss for words. The video footage, as well as the personal angle that the interviewee provides, are simply heartbreaking. What a crappy end to a crappy year.

Video h/t Buck Naked Politics (who found the vid here) which adds the following:
Reportedly, hospitals aren't functioning well, food is in short supply, and power outages are prevalent (Gaza Today). More than 1,700 are wounded, many of whom are civilians. Of the 360 people killed, more than 60 are women and children.

The United Nations Chief has "demanded an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and urged Mideast and world leaders to do more to help end the Israeli-Hamas conflict and promote political dialogue." It'll be interesting to see what sort of responses the demands elicit. (Truthout)

The Israeli government has not been known to have much regard for the UN, so I somehow doubt that whatever demands made by the UN leaders will have much impact.

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