Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lest we forget

The tale of another genocide that occurred in Franco's Spain, which reads in part:
The Church, for example, was responsible for taking babies and children away from mothers (“red mothers,” as they were called by the fascist forces, including the religious orders) who were jailed, exiled, or assassinated, and giving the children (without parents’ or families’ permission) to ­­­­­­­­families close to the fascist regime who wanted children or to religious institutions as recruits for their orders. All of these children were given new names and did not know their true ancestry. As Dr. Vallejo Najera, the ideologue of the Spanish Army, indicated, this state policy was “necessary to purify the Spanish race,” stopping the contamination of children with the pathological values of their red parents. Many of these parents were in the Army’s concentration camps, where prisoners were the subjects of biological and psychological experiments. These camps were supervised by the German Gestapo, which later developed and expanded such studies in the Nazi concentration camps.
Make sure to look at the rest of the article, which deals with Spanish governmental efforts to suppress efforts to examine that particular chapter in its history. I've occasionally had the opportunity to read some of the oral histories written about the period leading up to Franco's dictatorship, The Spanish Civil War, and in particular found Ronald Fraser's Blood of Spain: The Experience of Civil War 1936-1939 to be a valuable resource. I shared a small portion of that text with perhaps a few of you a handful of years back when comparisons were made between the bombing raids against the residents of Fallujah by the US and the bombing raids perpetrated against the residents of Guernica by Franco's Falangists (with a little help from Hitler's Nazi regime and Mussolini's fascist regime).

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