Friday, December 12, 2008

Well, duh!

Driving is on the decline in the US, which from a green standpoint would be a good thing, except apparently,
"As driving decreases and vehicle fuel efficiency continues to improve, the long term viability of the Highway Trust Fund grows weaker," said Peters. "The way we finance America's transportation network must also change to address this new reality, because banking on the gas tax is no longer a sustainable option."

Federal Highway administrator Tom Madison said in a statement, "This underscores the need to change our policy so American infrastructure is less dependent on the amount of gas American drivers consume."
Ya think? Maybe I seem harsh, but this is precisely the sort of thing that should have already been discussed and acted upon ages ago. I'd also simply remind us all that if the peak oil folks are correct, while we discuss maintaining (or perhaps more to the point, rebuilding) the US infrastructure it would behoove us to radically restructure our rail system. There is no reason why we couldn't have the sort of long distance high-speed electric powered rail lines like those in, say, Western Europe. Granted, that's the sort of thing that the US should have been doing several decades ago rather than under duress - but better under duress now than to have nothing left but undrivable roads and unmaintained and unusable railroads upon which to sustain some sort of society.

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