Sunday, December 14, 2008

What is wrong with Venezuela?

BoRev wants to know:

Venezuelans don't read the Wall Street Journal much, otherwise they'd realize how miserable they're supposed to be.

First there was that "oh hey everything's great" democracy survey, and now there's this new Gallup poll that ranks them at the top of the region for satisfaction with things like employment, health care, education, housing, and that one godless Communist concept, "happiness." Can you believe these assholes?

It must be hell on earth.


a angry Venezuelan said...

YOU son of a bitch, i am venezuelan, an this is a beautiful country, USA is the hell in the world, are all a idiots

DonDurito said...

You apparently don't recognize snark, and apparently snark from something like four years ago. The author of the post I quoted considered Venezuela's experiment with 21st century socialism to be our best hope against US imperialism - a view I happen to share.Take a chill pill.

DonDurito said...

And for the record, I am pleased to read that Chavez won his re-election bid tonight. Your beautiful country can continue to become even more beautiful. I am very happy for your comrades. As I said before, the post was snark aimed at our own American capitalist assholes who have looked for every excuse to diss Venezuela since Chavez first came to power. I do not suffer ignorance gladly. Please make sure to read carefully what is written before jumping to conclusions.

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