Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emerging from brief hiatus

I'm finally starting to breathe a bit, albeit I've gone out of the frying pan and into the fire. In the meantime, I've made a few changes here at the blog, including adding some links I'd been meaning to add for a while, and removing a few links to blogs that had gone fallow. I also finally decided that I could no longer justify linking to Jim Kunstler's site, Clusterfuck Nation, due to what I can only describe as a sort of cultural backwardness - though what finally drove me away was his continued obsessing on all opposition to Israel's genocidal behavior as "anti-Jew." Not only does he seem to rely on very tired stereotypes, but he simply is unwilling or unable to take into consideration that the Israeli government might actually be in the wrong, and that bulk of that government's opponents can and do distinguish between a government (the current one that has run Israel since its foundation) and a people (i.e., those who are of Jewish ancestry). Couple his current tirades with his usual insistence that all the tattooed and body-pierced human beings are some sort of threat to civilization, and well, I guess enough was finally enough. What had driven me to that dude's site was his interest in exploring some possible futures in a post-peak-oil world. Since I do consider that particular thread of inquiry to be worthy and crucial, I've at long last replaced Kunstler's link with that of the blog, The Oil Drum (see my blogroll) - this way y'all get a direct link to some info and analysis without all the baggage.

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