Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Left Advance in Iceland

Via Tim at Green Left Infoasis, a post at Another Green World discusses a bit the prospects of the Left-Green Movement in Iceland's next round of elections in May:
Anti-NATO, anti-war, ecosocialist Iceland, will if successful provide a beacon of hope for the rest of us in Europe. Can the process spread from Iceland to Ireland, England and Wales and Scotland? We shall see, the Icelandic Left Green Movement are going to be under heavy political pressure internationally, the normal US response to dissidents who reject the America dream is invasion, economic blockade and propaganda offensive.

Will Obama talk to the Greens or seek to wipe them out? Any how, the Left Greens will need international solidarity.

Great to unify the left and greens into one movement, which at the last election gained 15% and 9 MPs and looks to do better in May.

Some tasty ecosocialist Green Left Movement policies here:

The cornerstones of it´s policy are the following:

1.Conservation of the environment
All natural resources shall be public property and utilized without reducing them and in a careful manner. So-called green economics must be used to estimate the value of untouched nature and green taxes shall be applied to encourage protection of the environment. From our point of view, it is of great importance that Icelanders can produce all the energy they need in the future. We reject further building of power plants for the use of polluting large scale industry and demand conservation of the highland. We emphasize powerful, international co-operation and conventions concerning environmental matters.

2.Equality and social justice
All individuals shall have equal rights and no discrimination can be tolerated. We demand full equality concerning education, all social service, public information and freedom of speech. It is the duty of the Icelandic state to guarantee the welfare of every citizen, especially the elderly and the disabled.

The Left-Green Movement supports the strengthening of the rural areas of Iceland by means of good social service, education, prosperous culture and various economy. Privatization in public areas is of great danger in these matters, since it usually leads to a more expensive service in rural areas.

It is a project of high priority to guarantee that wages paid for 40 hours' work a week will be sufficient for a normal cost of living.

3. Fair and prosperous economy
The Left-Green Movement is willing to strengthen the position of wage earners to influence the development of our society. The party is willing to support the development of Icelandic economy to a state of more diversity and encourage the use of environment-friendly technology. It is necessary to prevent monopoly and centralization of capital, enable the conventional industries of Iceland to develop themselves and make use of Iceland's special status to create jobs of all kinds for all the inhabitants.

4.Independent foreign policy
The Left-Green Movement fights for an independent, Icelandic foreign policy that maintains the sovereignty of Iceland and supports all means of establishing global peace. The party opposes participation in military organizations such as NATO and WEU. It also rejects participation in the European Union and emphasizes simple, bilateral treaties concerning trade and co-operation.
If I had to hazard a guess, the Obama regime would probably be rather icy (no pun intended) toward an Icelandic government that didn't fit in with the usual neoliberal scheme of things. Expect propaganda and psy-ops measures to undermine such a government, covert efforts to overthrow or discredit that government's leaders, and so on. The good news, to the extent that there ever is good news, is that such efforts can be successfully resisted as evidenced by the experience of Cuba and Venezuela. In any case, I wish the Left-Green Movement luck over the next few months. In election years prior to the economic meltdown in Iceland, the LGM had shown an increase in its share of votes and a corresponding increase in its representation in Iceland's parliament. This could be the breakthrough year for them.

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