Sunday, January 25, 2009

In other words, back to Clintonism

A capsule summary of Obama's torture policy by Michael J. Smith of Stop Me Before I Vote Again:

1) The CIA, once it has stood in the corner for a few months, can still hope that better days will come again, and the fun with the funnels and the electrical wires can recommence. Meanwhile, there's always that Georgetown brothel -- you know the one I mean.

2) Rendition will continue. But in a nice way.

3) The military are blameless paragons -- the people who gave us Abu Ghraib are going to restore our good global rep, so wantonly sacrificed by the CIA.

In other words, don't get to excited. We're merely going back to the 1990s and the Clinton era. Our current regime isn't against what Bush II did in principle, mere opposed to the degree to which that regime expanded on the Clinton regime's policy. But hey, while you're being whisked away to Egypt for "interrogation" the Obama crowd will make sure that the soothing sounds of Kenny G lull you.

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